2-in-1 Wired Bluetooth Multimedia Stereo PC Speakers

 2-in-1 Wired Bluetooth Multimedia Stereo PC Speakers
At 10W these are some of the best rated speakers for desktop and laptop computing on the market. With support for both wired and bluetooth devices you won't be disappointed.

  • Classic desktop PC speaker with built-in Bluetooth. One simple click switches between Bluetooth and Wired Aux-in mode

  • GREAT CLARITY: Experience enhanced stereo sound and clarity thanks to the built-in passive radiator, 10W of power and 2.0 channels

  • Support for all popular and libre (free) distributions

  • EASE OF USE: Front-panel access for power on/off, volume control, and Bluetooth pairing. A headphone jack for private listening, and a line-in for other audio devices

  • AC adapter included: Powered by the AC adapter - no need to charge. Without a built-in battery, this speaker lasts much longer than many battery-powered Bluetooth speakers in the market.

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Due to the weight and cost of shipping this item it is only available to customers purchasing a computer or are within the United States.

Category Specification
Bluetooth version 4.0
Kernels Supported Any system with a supported sound card or Bluetooth
Wireless operational range Up to 10 meters (about, many factors will influence actual results)
Interface 3.5mm
Speaker output power: 10W
Speaker Frequency range 100Hz ~18kHz
Charge voltage 12V, 1A
Size 3.54’’ *3.54’’* 7.48’’ (90MM*90MM*190MM)
Net weight 2.82lb (1280g)
Included AC Adapter & Speakers
Compatible With All modern operating systems

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Note: Bluetooth adapter not included. All recently released distributions are supported out of the box.

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