Changing a LibreCMC Router's IP Address (TPE-R1100))

1. Connect your computer to the mini VPN router utilizing the included ethernet cable. Connect the one end to your computer's ethernet port. Connect the other end to the LAN port on your mini VPN router.

2. Open a browser, preferably Firefox, and go to (Chrome/Chromium will not work):

If you purchased the router without our VPN service then go to (unless you have otherwise changed it):

If does not bring up your LibreCMC router you can reach it at

Note: If you get an error message about an invalid security certificate or that the connection is untrusted you need to add an exception. Click I understand the risk and then click the add exception button.

3. Login

user name is: root
password is: none

4. Go to Network > Interfaces > LAN and click the Edit button

5. In the IPv4 address box change the IP address from or to

6. At the bottom there is a Save & Apply button, click it

7. After clicking Save & Apply it's advisable to give the router 15 - 20 seconds the apply your settings and then also disconnect the power. This just ensures the settings take effect properly.

8. Now take an ethernet cable and connect it to the mini VPN wireless router's WAN port. Connect the other end of this ethernet cable to a LAN port on your modem- or which ever device is connected directly to the internet.