Connecting directly to PenguinVPN in Parabola GNU/Linux-libre

Note: These are draft directions won't actually work [yet] as Parabola's version of OpenSSL is so new. OpenSSL has deprecated SHA1 in the latest version and does not support connecting the the VPN servers which currently utilize it. Directions will need to be updated slightly and tested once servers are updated.

These directions apply to GNOME 3:

pacman -S gnome-control-center networkmanager openvpn networkmanager-openvpn
logout and log back in

open a browser and download
extract the tar.gz file

go to activities in the top left corner and search for settings
open settings
click on network icon
click plus sign button in lower left corner
click openvpn


Name: PenguinVPN
Select Type: Password from drop down menu
Enter Username provided by PenguinVPN
Enter Password provided by PenguinVPN

Select the ca.crt file extracted in previous steps
Click on Advanced... button

From General tab select following options:
• Check Use custom gateway port: 80
• Check Use LZO data compression (select adaptive from drop down)
• Select “Use a TCP connection”

From Security tab select following options:
• From Cipher: Select AES-256-CBC
• From HMAC Authentication: Select SHA-1

From TLS Authentication tab:
• Select TLS-Auth from drop down next to mode
• Click on folder icon next to Key File and select the Wdc.key file extracted earlier

• Select “1” from Key Direction
• Click on “OK“
• Click on “Add"

X out of network configuration

From the network applet in the top right corner select VPN Off and hit connect