The Debian Administrator's Handbook: Everything You Need To Know (TPE-DEBADBK)

The Debian Administrator's Handbook: Everything You Need To Know (TPE-DEBADBK)
This book teaches the essentials of administrating a Debian system. It's intended for anyone who wants to become an effective Debian GNU/Linux administrator. It covers all the topics that a competent Debian administrator should master, from the installation and the update of the system, up to the creation of packages and the compilation of the kernel, but also monitoring, backup and migration, without forgetting advanced topics like Selinux/AppArmor setup to secure services, automated installations, or virtualization with Xen, Kvm or Lxc.

  • Intended For The Technically Minded: Go From Being An Intermediate User To A System Admin

  • Up-to-date: Updated For The Latest Release Of Debian

  • Learn to setup AppArmor, automate installations, and more

  • Not just for system admins: This book is also handy for those just administrating their own Debian system

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Picking up a book is a great first step to learning GNU/Linux! A great 2nd step is picking up an installation disk and plying your newfound skills. We include up to six months of installation support with the purchase of installation media.