[GNU /] Linux in easy steps, 6th Edition (TPE-LNMNTBK)

[GNU /] Linux in easy steps, 6th Edition (TPE-LNMNTBK)
GNU / Linux has become an increasingly popular alternative to the Microsoft Windows operating system. The reasons for its growing appeal are manifold: GNU / Linux is an extremely stable operating system that serves as a platform for an ever-growing number of quality applications; it has become more user-friendly with each version released; and perhaps best of all… it's free! [GNU /] Linux in easy steps, 6th edition explains the GNU / Linux environment and you how to get more out of this popular free operating system. The book starts off by explaining the basics of downloading, installing, and customizing GNU / Linux, then guides you around the Desktop, and finally introduces users to many of the great apps, including:
  • The LibreOffice suite of apps: Writer (word processor), Calc (spreadsheet), Impress (presentation), Draw (drawing tool, for creating drawings, charts, diagrams and graphs), and Base (database).

  • Firefox for browsing the web.

  • Thunderbird for exchanging emails.

  • GIMP, Pix, VLC and Rhythmbox media apps to edit photos and videos, and enjoy music and movies.
This guide even shows you how to use the powerful GNU / Linux shell to communicate directly with the kernel at the very heart of GNU / Linux. [GNU /] Linux in easy steps, 6th edition opens the door to a whole new world of digital possibilities using GNU / Linux. Illustrated using Linux Mint.

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