Trisquel DVD / Flash Drive W Installation Support

Trisquel DVD / Flash Drive W Installation Support
Trisquel is a free software community built, easy-to-use, Ubuntu-derived distribution that aims to remove problematic non-free components that wreck havoc on a users freedom and control of their own PC. The distribution focuses on usability and is committed to long term support for about 36 months, possibly longer.

  • 100% free software

  • Based on the leading commercial desktop distribution

  • Ships on DVD unless the option for a Flash Drive /w OS Boot Image On It is selected

  • Installation support available for 6 months from date of order

* Please note that while GNU/Linux has support for a lot of hardware not all hardware is created equal and the user experience may suffer on systems that aren't fully supported or designed for GNU/Linux. If you need advice on the best hardware to get feel free to contact our support team.

Older systems may require a 32 BIT version. If your system was released in the last couple of years chances are you want a 64 BIT edition. 32 BIT versions work on 64 BIT systems. 32 BIT versions are limited to 3.1GB of ram. 32 BIT may not be available.

Do you practice good PC hygiene? Need to transfer data? Get a USB drive! Need speed? Upgrade to a SSD! Drives formatted with fat32 have optimal compatibility between operating systems. Ext4 is better for backups and data transfer in GNU/Linux.