USB 3.0/3.1 USB Flash Drives (16GB - 256GB)

Our high quality standards compliant USB flash drives can be safely and easily used on any modern computer without the need to follow a complicated set of directions to format the drives, install additional drivers (like with many exfat formatted USB flash drives shipping today), or otherwise setup the product. For maximum compatibility just select the fat32 (maximum compatibility, limited to drives under 2TB) option under the File System option below and we'll pre-format the drive with the filesystem of your preference.

USB Flash Drives are USB 3.0 or 3.1 compliant depending on the capacity selected (models over 64GB are 3.1). Drives are also backward compatible albeit will max out at the speeds of the USB ports they are connected to.

When you select the ext4 /w acl option under file systems our drives work great for performing offline backups of your data: Check out this video tutorial on how to securely perform a backup up & restore of your entire home folder using Déjà Dup even between different distributions and releases (included with many popular distributions).

Check out our extensive documentation & easy to follow video tutorials: Haven't formatted a disk before? Want to learn how? Check out a video demonstration on managing removable disks with GNOME disks. Learn to format, properly utilize, dismount, backup, and repair damaged disks using a graphical desktop application that ships with many major desktop distributions by default.

Please note this item is only available for shipping within the United States or with the purchased of a computer if shipping overseas.

Category Specification
Capacity 16GB by default, or more with upgrade options
Warranty 90 days
Interface USB
Supported Systems Linux / Linux-libre 2.6+ (all recent distributions supported)
Compatible Systems Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 2000 (sp4), Mac OS X v.10.3.x and above

Drives over 2TB must be formatted with a file system having reduced compatibility. NTFS has read/write support on MS Windows and GNU/Linux and read-only support on Mac OS X. Drives less than 2TB can be formated with FAT32 for max support (4GB file limit).