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CC Atribution 3.0; Credit: bitcoin.itLeading free software friendly computer vendor ThinkPenguin announced today that they will begin accepting the cryptographic currency Bitcoin as a payment option.

Bitoin is a new online currency catching on worldwide for its simplicity and decentralized nature. With Bitcoins there are no banks or intermediaries required to exchange money. Users simply install a program on their computer, create a wallet, and send digital cash directly to other users or businesses.

While more and more companies are accepting Bitcoins there is one new interesting entrant: ThinkPenguin, inc. The company is focused on ensuring users freedoms and privacy. Where most users get locked into applications, operating systems, services, peripherals, and other products ThinkPenguin doesn't include such mechanisms in any of its offerings. There are no digital handcuffs or privacy invasive features forced upon users.

The company focuses in particular on supporting 100% free distributions based on GNU/Linux, a popular operating system used on desktops and servers. There are many distributions or flavors. Not all of which respect users privacy or freedoms. However most are at least more respective of these than proprietary operating systems vendors like Microsoft and Apple. To learn more about free software check out the Free Software Foundation at

“Accepting Bitcoins is one more way in which we can ensure customers have a means to protect their privacy,” said Christopher Waid, Chief Executive Officer at ThinkPenguin, Inc. “Bitcoins is the digital equivalent of cash. And with cash there is no need to know the purchaser, just where to send the goods“.

CC Atribution 3.0 US; Credit: themonetaryfuture
CEO Tony Gallippi

BitPay has made it ridiculously easy for developers and merchants to accept the new digital currency. With plugins and support for many different shopping cart platforms plus other integration options. It takes less than half an hour and a few clicks to add support.

BitPay manages almost everything automatically from the conversion of Bitcoins to daily bank deposits. It's safe, easy, and affordable with low transaction fees. With the streamlined process there is no longer a need to understand the techy technology behind it. Just install a plugin and go.

And one thing all merchants will love is that with BitPay the risk of fraud, chargebacks, and identity theft from internet payments are eliminated. Because Bitcoins are like cash there's no significant risk of fraud.

"BitPay has a broad base of easy-to-use tools that make it easy for merchants like ThinkPenguin to collect bitcoin payments for purchases,” said Tony Gallippi, CEO of BitPay. “By accepting bitcoin, ThinkPengiun can now receive a payment from any country, instantly, without risk of fraud. No other payment technology can offer this level of functionality.”

About ThinkPenguin, Inc

Started by Christopher Waid, founder and CEO, ThinkPenguin, Inc. is a customer-driven company with a mission to bring free software to the masses. At the core of company is a catalog of computers and accessories with broad support for GNU/Linux. The company provides technical support for end-users and works with the community, distributions, and upstream projects to make GNU/Linux great.

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