A popular IRC client. Can be used to talk to a group of people or just one person through channels or private messaging.


A standards compliant web browser, which integrates well with the GNOME desktop environment. It does not include an email client, irc bot, website designer etc., therefore has a moderate resource usage. Internally the program uses Mozilla's Gecko rendering engine to display the web pages so is fully feature complete and standards compliant, as well as rendering pages quickly.


Gajim is an instant messaging program with the goal of being a full featured and easy to use Jabber client.

* Tabbed chat window and single window modes
* Group chat support (with MUC protocol), invitation, chat to groupchat transformation, minimize groupchat to roster
* Emoticons, Avatars, PEP (user activity, mood and tune)
* File transfer, Room Bookmarks


FreeSpeak is a free frontend to online translator engines (such as those from Google or Altavista).
Features include:

* tabbed consulting
* automatically copy and paste from/to clipboard
* expandible in a very easy way by writing translator modules
* standard Trayicon
* minimal window for fast translations
* translator engines for Google, Altavista and FreeTranslation


Gnomeradio is a FM-radio tuner. It has remote control support and the ability to record radio. It works with most FM tuner cards.


Postr is a Flickr uploading tool, which aims to be simple to use but exposing enough of Flickr to be useful.


Firewall Builder consists of an object-oriented GUI and a set of policy compilers for various firewall platforms. In Firewall Builder, firewall policy is a set of rules, each rule consists of abstract objects which represent real network objects and services (hosts, routers, firewalls, networks, protocols).


Firestarter is a complete firewall tool for managing an observing your machine. It features an easy to use firewall wizard to quickly create a firewall. Using the program you can then open and close ports with a few clicks, or stealth your machine giving access only to a select few. The real-time hit monitor shows attackers probing your machine.


The Web is all about innovation, and Firefox sets the pace with dozens of new features, including the smart location bar, one-click bookmarking and blindingly fast performance.


GShare is a very easy to use application that allows for user-level file sharing with FTP. Acting as an FTP server other users can access the files from another computer. DNS-SD is used to publish the share on the local network.