The Open Racing Car Simulator. TORCS is a highly portable multi platform car racing simulation. It is used as ordinary car racing game, as AI racing game and as research platform.


The Mana World (short TMW) is a seriously cool and innovative MMORPG. The Mana World uses 2D graphics and aims to create a large and diverse interactive world. The player's story is built with quests, interaction and fighting against monsters and in PvP mode against other players, too. Or you join other partys, clans or groups and will contribute them.


TeamSpeak is non-free Voice over IP software that allows users to speak on a chat channel with other users, much like a telephone conference call. A TeamSpeak user will often wear a headset with an integrated microphone. Users use the TeamSpeak client software to connect to a TeamSpeak server of their choice, from there they can join chat channels.


SuperTuxKart is an enhanced version of TuxKart, the kart racing game featuring Tux and a bunch of his friends.

SuperTuxKart features include:

* new characters
* new tracks
* a completely new user interface
* some smaller graphical improvements (skidmarks, smoke, animated wheels, etc.)


SuperTux is a classic 2D jump'n run sidescroller game in a style similar to the original Super Mario games.

SuperTux features:

* 9 enemies
* 26 playable levels
* Software and OpenGL rendering modes
* configurable joystick and keyboard input
* new music
* completely redone graphics


Snowballz is a game where you command on army of penguins marching through snow-laden forests to conqueror new frontiers. As you do so you grow a small army, ambush enemy lines with blasts of freezing snowballs, and more. But wait- your home is at risk too so don't go to far, invaders are just over the next snow drift.


SNES9EXPRESS is an SNES9x emulator allows you to play SNES games on the computer. It presents many of the common snes9x options in an easy-to-use interface. In addition it can also save profiles if you'd like to be able to load up one of your favourite set of options on the fly.


Slune is a 3D game. It includes racing, car-crashing, and lots of action. In addition, a multiplayer mode is available.


Secret Maryo Chronicles is a game similar Super Mario World. It is a two-dimensional platform game with a style designed similar to classic sidescroller games.


Scorched 3D is a simple turn-based artillery game and also a real-time strategy game in which players can counter each others' weapons with other creative accessories, shields and tactics. Learn skill in timing, aiming and judgment, move around on the landscape, or even out-smart your opponent economically.