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  • Our reps have a broad knowledge of all things GNU/Linux

Free The Crypto 6 Fundraiser T-Shirt: Bitcoin Is NOT A Crime

In the early morning of Tuesday, Mar. 16, 2021, federal and local agents kicked the doors in at the Free Talk Live studio, the Bitcoin Embassy in Keene, NH, and the Shire Free Church, and 16 other properties arresting 6 individuals and confiscating several Bitcoin vending machines, computers and other personal items.

Back in 2016 a FBI agent lied to a judge in order to get a warrant to raid the studio over what would turn out to be non-existent child pornography. It turned out this was a retaliatory attack on Free Talk Live that resulted from a co-host of the show criticizing the FBI's handling of a dark web child pornography case called Playpen. The FBI had added servers and capacity and incentives pedophiles to access and download child pornography. The reason that child pornography is illegal is that it hurts children. This is what the FBI says routinely. The criticism is in that if this statement is true then the FBI was hurting children by distributing child pornography by their own admission. Free Talk Live was the only major non-tech outlet to report on this story.

The FBI didn't like this and in an attempt to slander the name of a leading activist in New Hampshire (Ian Freeman and a partner in the Free Talk Live show enterprise) raided the FTL studio over non-existent child pornography claiming someone at the address accessed the Playpen site. Even when a person is not convicted of a crime they do not get back the property containing that illegal possession. One would be arrestable for the possession of child porn once again if that were not the case. Just because a person isn't convicted of possessing weed does not mean that the person can get back the weed that was stolen from them. It's still illegal to possess after all. Why everyone can be reasonably sure there never was any child porn is that the FBI was sued and forced to return computers stolen in the raid.

The FBI immediately started looking for something else to go after Ian Freeman for. Him and particularly others critical in the operations of Free Talk Live. What is now apparent is they decided to go after Ian Freeman and those surrounding him for using and selling cryptocurrency. While this case is about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency it goes far beyond that. It's fundamentally a political attack and simultaneously an attempt to criminalize cryptocurrency users.
Unlike your typical FBI arrest over the sale of Bitcoin all those involved were political activists and ready for the day when the FBI came a knocking. These hardened activists have spent time in jail and years fighting victimless crime cases brought against themself and other members in our communities including other participants in the Free State Project and larger freedom migration movement (see and Shire Society).

These individuals now need our help in raising funds for 5 out of the 6 defendants (Ian Freeman was able to retain his own legal council). This case is one of the most important cases in the history of Bitcoin explicitly because the defendants will not settle. This case will determine whether or not Bitcoin is a currency or an asset. Help us raise funds for the recovery and legal defense of those involved. You can purchase a T-shirt to show your support, but you can also contribute financially to the campaign by selecting to include an additional financial donation with the purchase.

You can also make a financial contribution via (and yes, cryptocurrency is accepted)

Video of the raid has been published on: IPFS

Delivery notes: Please be aware we're not sure how much demand we'll have for this and the initial stock arrived around the week of March 29th, 2021, but we have already run out of smalls and larges as of April 14th, but fortunately another run of t-shirts is in the works. We'll likely be in stock again April 19th. If we are getting more orders than we can fulfill or sell out again additional processing time may be required. Please be patient with us. Your order will be shipped eventually.

Product notes:

Gildan Heavy Cotton Short Sleeve T-Shirt
Color: White on Black
5.3 oz., pre-shrunk 100% cotton
Double-needle stitched neckline, bottom hem and sleeves
Seven-eighths inch seamless collar
Shoulder-to-shoulder taping
Tearaway label

Parabola GNU/Linux-libre USB Flash Drive Installation Media (TPE-PARFLSDV)
Parabola GNU/Linux-libre is a free software community built, advanced user, Arch-derived distribution that aims to remove problematic non-free components that wreck havoc on a users freedom and control of the PC.

  • 100% free software

  • Based on the popular Arch distribution (without the non-free components)

  • Ships on a fast USB flash drive

* Please note that while Parabola GNU/Linux-libre has support for a lot of hardware not all hardware is created equal and the user experience may suffer on systems that aren't fully supported or designed for GNU/Linux. If you need advice on the best hardware to get feel free to contact our support team.

* Please also note that installation support is not included in this offering as the distribution is aimed at more advanced users and may require significant reading of documentation and possibly contact with other Parabola GNU/Linux-libre users via the official IRC channel in order to figure out how to get around any current undocumented bugs in the distribution. As Parabola GNU/Linux-libre is a rolling release distribution that aims to be more up to date than easy to use users should expect to encounter more difficulty during the installation and use.
GNU Guix System USB Flash Drive Installation Media (TPE-GUIXFLSDV)
Guix System is an advanced distribution of the GNU operating system. It uses the Linux-libre kernel, and support for the Hurd is being worked on. As a GNU distribution, it is committed to respecting and enhancing the freedom of its users. As such, it adheres to the GNU Free System Distribution Guidelines.

Some of the advantages of the GNU Guix System include:
  • State-of-the-art package management features such as transactional upgrades and roll-backs, reproducible build environments, unprivileged package management, and per-user profiles

  • Supports stateless, reproducible operating system configurations

  • Developed by volunteers around the world under the umbrella of the GNU Project
* Please note that installation support is not included and that the nature of this operating system at this time means that there is severely limited hardware support. This is particularly true if you are looking at trying out the GNU Guix System on random hardware. We do not currently list the GNU Guix System as supported on any hardware in our catalog, but much of it is exactly the hardware you will need if you plan to or want to attempt to utilize the GNU Guix System. If you have any questions about acquiring compatible hardware contact our support team.

GNU Guix focuses on respecting the user’s computing freedom. It builds around the kernel Linux-libre, which means that only hardware for which free software drivers and firmware exist is supported. Nowadays, a wide range of off-the-shelf hardware is supported on GNU/Linux-libre—from keyboards to graphics cards to scanners and Ethernet controllers. Unfortunately, there are still areas where hardware vendors deny users control over their own computing, and such hardware is not supported on Guix System.
GNU (slash) Linux "Token" (TPE-LINUXCENSORED)

Does using the government's dirty fiat embarrass you? Do you need a freedom friendly solution to your transactional woes? If you are afraid the world is going to end and all that cryptocurrency you've been saving up will eventually disappear then we've got a solution for you! Diversify your assets by picking up some GNU (slash) Linux coins tokens!

There are some great side benefits to picking up GNU (slash) Linux Coin Token. No longer will people look at you funny for talking about societal collapse or the fraud that is government. Instead you'll get to have an embarrassing conversation about how GNU (slash) Linux is the correct terminology (don't mind that they still won't know what you're talking about). With one of our GNU (slash) Linux Coins tokens you'll be better prepared to evangelize GNU (slash) Linux and advocate for everybody to utilize free software.

Don't just use free software! Make it your mission in life to get people saying GNU (slash) Linux! Cause only then will people know that Linux is more than just gratis. GNU/Linux is libre too!

* Accepted by true believers everywhere!

Get your silver plated novelty token and start talking GNU (slash) Linux today.. or some time in the future when the postal service decides to actually start delivering again and stops wasting its time taking part in FBI raids of our communities churches, homes, and businesses over BS cryptocurrency charges (crypto is just the excuse, freedom and politics is the fundamental underlying reason for these unconscionable raids on peaceful people). You may think I'm kidding, but no, this part isn't a joke. I'm not. Watch the March 16, 2021 FBI raid (2nd BS FBI raid in 5 years) of which was one part in an attack targeting 19 properties and six individuals advocating freedom and peaceful resistance (Free State Project & related freedom migration movements, ie even against a violent state: The Crypto 6.

Each coin token is a 33.7mm silver-plated bronze (or possibly copper) and shows the GNU head on one side with RMS where a trademark would normally go along with the phrase "Free as in Freedom". The reverse side shows Tux the penguin and the phrase "In Tux we trust".

* Note (cause government agents are too stupid to recognize what this is): This GNU (slash) Linux Coin token is not an actual currency, not intended to be advertised as such, and is recognized by techies everywhere as a joke.

* Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds.

* GNU is a registered trademark of the Free Software Foundation.

* A quantity of 1 is one coin token

* The censored wording here is the result of convictions of others by the US government who claim exclusive use of the word coin to mean US currency even though the word in practical usage expands far beyond US currency to include foreign currencies and novelty tokens.

Please note this item is not available for shipping to those outside the United States due to customs restrictions in most countries.

A Stuffed Tux Penguin For Your Gnu! (TPE-STFTUXPEN)

We know you already have a Stuffed Baby Gnu, but don't you think you aught to consider adding a stuffed Tux to your collection too? After all he's a pretty critical component of the pair! This cuddly plush penguin really wants to be part of your family. Tux is just 5-6" tall and will fit nicely next to your baby Gnu!

Tux is the mascot of the Linux kernel, a core component at the heart of every GNU/Linux system. The Gnu project pre-dates Linux and consists of the core collection of free software that makes up a GNU/Linux distribution. The project has a slightly less imaginative mascot represented by a Gnu. However, it's name is quite entertaining: GNU is a recursive acronym for "GNU's Not Unix!".

Note: The Gnu in the picture to the right is NOT included in this purchase. What you are getting is JUST a stuffed penguin, Mr Tux. If we're mistaken and you don't already have a Gnu consider checking out the Free Software Foundation's shop. The FSF sells a Stuffed Baby Gnu. It's purchase helps to fund the Free Software Foundation whose mission includes the promotion of free software, the GNU project, and the ideals thereof!

Ubuntu Linux Unleashed 14th Edition (TPE-UBUNTUBK)
Ubuntu Linux Unleashed covers recent releases of Ubuntu 20.04+ onward and is an excellent resource for both desktop users and administrators. The latest edition has been thoroughly updated by a long-time Ubuntu user and early community leader to reflect exciting and new functionality in the latest releases. Ubuntu Linux Unleashed covers topics including the GNOME desktop, multimedia and productivity applications, shell commands, system administration, and the network tools included in Ubuntu.

Here are some of the topics covered in Ubuntu Linux Unleashed:

  • Configuring and using Ubuntu's GNOME desktop environment

  • Managing Linux services, users, and software packages

  • Administering and running Ubuntu from the command line

  • Automating tasks and using shell scripting

  • Remote access and configuration of a secure VPN

  • Installing kernels and managing kernel modules

  • Setup of file, print, email, LDAP, web, and DNS servers

  • An introduction to virtualization and the cloud

  • Intro to programming languages: Python, PHP, Perl, Go & Rust

Please note: For those outside the US depending on what you are ordering please be aware adding this book to your shopping cart will limit your shipping options to ones that may be much more expensive if not ordering it with a computer. This book is primarily intended for shipping to customers within the US and will ship via USPS media mail due to its weight and cost unless other goods are purchased alongside it. Media mail may take longer to deliver than our normal postal shipping options.
Laptop Sleeve for 15.6" Laptops, Black
  • Stylish, sturdy sleeve is designed to protect laptops up to 15.6"

  • Features a slim, lightweight design perfect for those always on the go

  • Padded sleeve provides protection against minor bumps while the interior protects from scratches and dust

  • Includes dual front zippered pockets ideal for storing computer accessories or small essentials

  • Slim design means it can be used on its own or slipped inside another bag for hands-free carrying

* Note: Laptop not included

* Note: Only available for shipping to US addresses unless customers are ordering this product with a laptop
Ubuntu Linux In A Nutshell: A Brief Intro Of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (TPE-UBUBK)
Ubuntu Linux in a nutshell is a user guide aimed at new users. This book covers the latest long term support release: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. Unlike other releases the long term support release is generally a good starting point for new GNU/Linux users. Long term support releases get security updates and new drivers, but see no major changes in the area of the desktop's user interface for longer periods, that is you only need to perform a major upgrade every 2-3 years as opposed to every six months to a year. This ensures plenty of accurate and up to date documentation and support.

Ubuntu in a nutshell includes information on the evolution of Linux-based operating systems, Ubuntu flavours, Ubuntu basics, installation of Ubuntu, and some basic commands. This book gives the step-by-step instructions with clear explanations that demystify Ubuntu. This book is for persons with little or no knowledge of Ubuntu. It takes you, step by step, through what you need to know to work with Ubuntu.

  • Covers the different flavours of Ubuntu

  • Covers the installation of Ubuntu

  • Includes an Introduction to the Ubuntu desktop

  • Covers a handful of basic GNU/Linux commands

Please note: For those outside the US depending on what you are ordering please be aware adding this book to your shopping cart will limit your shipping options to ones that may be much more expensive if not ordering it with a computer. This book is primarily intended for shipping to customers within the US and will ship via USPS media mail due to its weight and cost unless other goods are purchased alongside it. Media mail may take longer to deliver than our normal postal shipping options.
The Debian Administrator's Handbook: Everything You Need To Know (TPE-DEBADBK)
This book teaches the essentials of administrating a Debian system. It's intended for anyone who wants to become an effective Debian GNU/Linux administrator. It covers all the topics that a competent Debian administrator should master, from the installation and the update of the system, up to the creation of packages and the compilation of the kernel, but also monitoring, backup and migration, without forgetting advanced topics like Selinux/AppArmor setup to secure services, automated installations, or virtualization with Xen, Kvm or Lxc.

  • Intended For The Technically Minded: Go From Being An Intermediate User To A System Admin

  • Up-to-date: Updated For The Latest Release Of Debian

  • Learn to setup AppArmor, automate installations, and more

  • Not just for system admins: This book is also handy for those just administrating their own Debian system

Please note: For those outside the US depending on what you are ordering please be aware adding this book to your shopping cart will limit your shipping options to ones that may be much more expensive if not ordering it with a computer. This book is primarily intended for shipping to customers within the US and will ship via USPS media mail due to its weight and cost unless other goods are purchased alongside it. Media mail may take longer to deliver than our normal postal shipping options.