3.5” SATA Hard Drive (conventional magnetic recording)

3.5” SATA Hard Drive (conventional magnetic recording)
Increase the capacity of your network area storage device, home server, or desktop computer. While conventional magnetic hard drives aren't the fastest technology on the block today they still make for a proven inexpensive solution to storing large amounts of data cheaply.

We stock high quality 3.5" hard drives with a proven track record of reliability. From one generation to the next-it's not always the same manufacturers offering the best product- and sometimes even within a generation the model number or manufacturing run matter. This has certainly been true as of late with high capacity hard drives. Manufacturers have been sneaking in a problematic technology called SMR. This can cause problems under certain use cases and work loads.

  • Don't get tricked: We ship drives based on conventional magnetic recording (CMR) technology

  • Compatibility assured: If it doesn't work send it back within 14 days for a refund!

  • We only stock parts that incorporate quality controllers and have proven to be reliable

  • If you need assistance determining what drive your system is compatible with contact support

Is one drive not enough? Add a 2nd. Whether you need a system configured with a mix of fast (SSD), reliable (traditional drive), and inexpensive (mixed)- or plain out raided for redundancy to ensure your important data doesn't go bye-bye we got it.