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We've got lots of great news this week. From HOPE coming up to a new event we'll be attending: Def Con! We'll see you there. But we also released our very first podcast.

We'll be talking tech, freedom, and everything libre! From interviews with the leading experts in the GNU/Linux world such as Rubén Rodríguez a.k.a. quidam to Eric Schultz on issues such as the FCC's attack on free software. We'll also be squeezing in the latest in tech with hardware demonstrations and general tech news.

For this week's episode, we talked with Patrick Binder, lead project coordinator of the Manchester New Hampshire MeshNet exploratory group both about Porcfest's first mesh network and what he was putting together along with others in Manchester New Hampshire. Other topics included the end of the road for Ross Ulbrick's appeals, supreme court rules cops need warrants to secure cell phone location data, and the new release of Linux Mint 19 (and the difference between free and non-free software).

Thanks for tuning in!