Connecting directly to PenguinVPN in Linux Mint 19.x, 20.x, 21.x (PenguinVPN 1.0)

A video demo of this tutorial is available. These directions work for both Linux Mint 19.x releases and Linux Mint 20.x releases.

1. Open Firefox, download and save to your home folder
2. Open your file manager and extract the contents of the tar.gz file downloaded
3. Click on the network applet in the lower right hand corner and select Network Connections
4. Click the + icon
5. When prompted to choose a connection type select Import a saved VPN configuration and click Create
6. Find the ovpn file in the directory previously extracted and select it
7. Click Open
8. Under the VPN tab enter your user name and password for the VPN
9. Click Save
10. Click On/off button to turn on the VPN (from the network applet)