Documentation for the TPE-CANLSR269 all-in-one printer for GNU/Linux

Our primary documentation for the TPE-CANLSR269 under Fedora 36+, Linux Mint 20+, Trisquel 10+, and Ubuntu 20.04+ is below, but additional documentation applicable to other and/or older distributions is also available here (Debian). There is additional documentation on getting the printer and scanning to work further down that is more specific to Fedora 36+ (and other distributions derived from it).

Printing & Scanning On Ubuntu 20.04, Linux Mint 20, Trisquel 10, And Other Distributions Derived Thereof


To use the scanner on the TPE-CANLSR269 printer requires both eSCL sane drivers and the enablement of an option on the printer called Network Link Scan. In addition to this older releases of GNU/Linux may require a buggy package called ippusbxd to be removed and replaced with a newer application. All GNU/Linux users need to follow step 1 & 2, but 3 and 4 only pertain to those on older distributions and releases.

To enable scanning on the printer:

1. On the printer go to Menu > Network Settings > TCP/IP Settings > Network Link Scan Settings > Use Network Link Scan

2. Set Use Network Link Scan to On

Under older distributions including: Trisquel 10, Linux Mint 20, Ubuntu 20.04 and other like distributions with a similar base open a terminal and run the following commands:

sudo apt purge ippusbxd

Note: Ubuntu 22.04+, Linux Mint 21+, and Trisquel 11+ will already have ipp-usb installed as the default so this step can be ignored for these distributions, distributions based on them, in addition to any other similarly recent distributions.

3. So if you have an older distribution download the latest ipp-usb .deb package from:

So for Ubuntu 20.04, Linux Mint 20, and Trisquel 10 this would be the ipp-usb_0.9.19-1%2b50.1_amd64.deb package from the below directory, or some newer version of it:

4. Install the package and reboot (replace ipp-usb_0.9.19-1%2b50.1_amd64.deb with the ipp-usb package you downloaded):

sudo dpkg -i ipp-usb_0.9.19-1+50.1_amd64.deb

sudo reboot

Lastly you can now open the document scanner on your system and select the eSCL Canon MF260 (USB) scanner from the list of detected scanners. To start a scan simply click the Scan button.


While the printer may appear to be picked up automatically under Ubuntu 22.04 and earlier versions additional steps are required to configure the printer. All drivers are already contained within the distribution, but are not correctly auto-detected. To fix this simply run the printer wizard and manually select the appropriate driver as described below. Most other distributions and releases will correctly auto-detect the appropriate drivers when the add printer wizard is run (however note that the printer may show up under Network Printer even if it's connected via USB).

1. In the top left corner click Activities, then search for & click the printers icon
2. Click the Additional Printers settings... button
3. Click the Add button
4. Click Network Printer and select your new printer
5. Click the Forward button
6. Click the Apply button
7. When prompted to print a test page click the Cancel button
8. Right click on the icon for the newly created printer
9. Select properties
10. Under Settings next to Make and Model: select the Change... button
11. Select the Select printer from database option and Generic under the Makes section, then click the Forward button
12. Under Models select PCL Laser and Generic PCL Laser [en] (recommended) under Drivers
13. Click the Forward button
14. Under Existing Settings select the Use the new PPD (Postscript Printer Description) as is option
15. Click the Forward button
16. Click the Apply button
17. For those in the United States under the printer Options section select US Letter Size under where it says Media Size: and then click the Apply button
18. Back in the Settings section print a test page by clicking the Print Test Page button

Printing & Scanning on Fedora 36+

To print and scan on Fedora with our Canon all-in-one printers ipp-usb must be installed and 'Network Link Scan' must be enabled on the printer.

To enable 'Network Link Scan' on the printer (same on both TPE-CANLSR570 & TPE-CANLSR269 models):

1. On the printer go to Menu > Network Settings > TCP/IP Settings > Network Link Scan Settings > Use Network Link Scan
2. Set Use Network Link Scan to On

For scanning:

3. Open a terminal and run the following command:

sudo dnf -y install ipp-usb

4. Search for and open the Document Scanner from Activities search
5. Select the eSCL Canon printer_name (USB) option from the list of found scanners and click the Scan button to initiate scanning

For printing:

6. From Activities search for and open the Printers app
7. Click the Unlock button in the top right corner and enter your password.
8. Click the Add Printer... button
9. Wait for Canon printer_name (USB)._ipp_tcp.local to appear, then select it and click the Add button

10. Click on the cogwheel next to the newly added printer and select Printer Details
11. Click the button that says Select from Database...
12. Under Manufacturer go to and select Generic
13. On the right hand side under Driver select Generic PCL Laser Printer, then click the Select button

You can now click the cogwheel and go to Printer Options to print a test page using the Test Page button