Dvd95 Converter


DVD95 is an application to convert DVD9 (8.54GB disks) to DVD5 (4.7GB disks), AVI or PSP files. The user interface is aimed at being simple and elegant to use.

The shrinking factor may be computed for best results, or an adaptive compression ratio method may be used. DVDs can be converted to a file tree or ISO file. Results can be played back through any dvd playing software such as xine, VLC, mplayer, etc. Burning can be used with the support of third party software (K3B). DVD95 needs no additional packages, as an on board version of vamps and dvdauthor are used, to be as fast as possible.

* clean user interface
* ISO, file tree or burning output
* AVI (MPEG4 and X264) output files via profiles, using mencoder,mplayer
* PSP (MPEG4) output files using ffmpeg
* multiple audio tracks and subtitles support
* menus support
* can trim the length of movies to make overall quality better
* few dependencies (some libraries are bundled with DVD95)
* available in Mint flavour paste.

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