Unfortunately the majority of companies and products on the market do little more than give users the illusion of security and privacy. There are more snake oils salesmen peddling fraudulent products like anti-virus and proprietary encryption software than there are actual solutions. Even otherwise good sources of information can easily lead one to believe security is just an add on or click away. Unfortunately this is far from the truth. Security and privacy are hard problems to solve and adding software doesn't magically fix it.

Come learn more about what it takes to secure your computer and protect your privacy. Adam Leibson will be giving a talk at PorcFest (Lancaster, New Hampshire) on Tuesday, June 23rd at 5PM on GnuPG and email encryption. Join us in the Expo Lounge (which is site #93) then. Don't forget to bring a laptop if you have one. We'll be helping people setup GnuPG. The talk will also include a discussion on why security can't be bolted on and how proprietary operating systems get in the way of genuine computer security (even when using the recommended free software, that is free as in freedom, not price).