Forkfest 2018: A camping festival for those who like freedom

This summer join us in the woods for a party! We'll be hanging out with a group of freedom-loving libertarians talking tech, GNU/Linux, decentralization, free software, crypto, 3d printing, and more.

What many people aren't aware of is that there is a political migration going on of people from around the world who desire freedom (and aren't getting it). The Free State Project is an on-going effort that is attempting to bring real freedom to at least one place on this earth by organizing people from around the world in one place. Spread out there is no hope of freedom-minded people having a sizable political base that can impact politics. However working together in one region that's changing. And New Hampshire is that place!

The other thing that many people aren't aware of is that principled libertarians (real libertarians)-unlike the "libertarians" you might know at the national level and have been contradicting libertarian core values- are overwhelmingly in support of software freedom.

While nationally the word libertarian has been misappropriated and the national libertarian party doesn't represent actual libertarians the New Hampshire libertarian party actually does and probably isn't what you'd expect. For instance did you know that the chair of New Hampshire's Libertarian Party uses primarily free software? Did you know that one chapter's got both a president and vice president that run primarily free software? Or that free software advocates are over-represented amongst libertarians in New Hampshire?

Free software puts users wanting freedom in control of there own devices so it should be no surprise then that the Free State Project has attracted a lot of hard core free software supporters.. at least of those that want freedom elsewhere too. It's why New Hampshire has become a tech mecca when it comes to startups. From GNU/Linux to crypto and to security to decentralized marketplaces like OpenBazaar- and more.

Forkfest is a name you might expect from a group of people who support free software. It's a fork of another camping festival called Porcfest put on by the Free State Project that isn't quite as free as it once was-even if the people in attendance aren't any less liberty-minded. Like all projects there will be schisms and fights over approaches and so the adults have decided to start a competing camping event to run back to back with Porcfest. Where Porcfest tries to be more family friendly the adult-minded aspects (and there are liberty-loving families too!) of Porcfest have begun migrating to the new freer event called Forkfest. Unlike Porcfest Forkfest isn't centrally managed and each person or family will be brining to the event what they want. Be it family-friendly activities, adult-themed parties, or free software.

So join us this summer at Forkfest- and yes- we'll still be continuing the party on into Porcfest- being held at the same campground- see for more information.