Gazpacho Interface Designer


It is strongly inspired by the Glade project but it is written from scratch using the Python language. As a result there are few lines of code to read, understand and to maintain!

One of the goals of the project is that the .glade files that Gazpacho generates should be fully compatible with libglade so you can use Gazpacho whatever the language your application is written with.

Gazpacho is released under the LGPL license so you can use and distribute it freely. Gazpacho is very modular so integration with existing IDE should be fairly easy to do.


Some of the nice features that make Gazpacho a little bit different are:

All-in-one window. Tired of not very usable multiple small windows messing up your screen? Try this new approach where only the window you are actually designing lives on top of Gazpacho interface

Action based Menus / Toolbars. Create your actions with all the information about signals, accelerators and appareance and then just design your menus and toolbars linking to these Actions. Feel the great power and flexibility of GtkUIManager from Gazpacho!

Unlimited Undo / Redo. Don't worry about making mistakes with Gazpacho, you can always revert your changes

Templates. You can drag some part of your interface and drop it in the templates tab. Then you can reuse this widget again and again even between different Gazpacho sessions. Design once, use everywhere. (Not finished yet)