gThumb Image Viewer


gThumb is an image viewer and browser.

Image Viewer

* View single images such as: BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF
* View EXIF data attached to JPEG images.
* View in fullscreen mode.
* View images rotated, flipped, in black and white.

Image Browser

* Browse your hard disk showing you thumbnails of image files.
* Thumbnails are saved in the same database used by Nautilus so you don't waste disk space.
* Automatically update the content of a folder.
* Copy, move, delete images and folders.
* Bookmarks of folders and catalogs.

Image Organizer

* Add comments to images.
* Organize images in catalogs, catalogs in libraries.
* Print images and comments.
* Search for images on you hard disk and save the result as a catalog.

Image Editor

* Change image hue, saturation, lightness, contrast and adjust colors.
* Scale and rotate images.
* Save images in the following formats: JPEG, PNG, TIFF, TGA.

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