High Quality Penguin Friendly USB 3.1 Flash Drive (64GB - 256GB)

Are you in the market for a high quality fast USB flash drive that you can rely on? Look no further. Our flash drives utilize high quality flash chips and come properly formatted for your particular GNU/Linux use case. Starting off with a standards compliant USB flash drive we format the drive so you can utilize it for data backup, transferring files, or simply as a bootable medium for the latest release of your favorite distribution.

Users can expect to see speeds that are as much as 7x faster than lower quality USB flash drives. Need something faster? See an up close comparison and real-world benchmarks of the different USB storage options in our catalog.

If you've never formatted a USB drive before and want to learn how check out this great little tutorial.
  • Optionally formatted with ext4 and set with the right ACL bits to ensure maximum functionality and use between GNU/Linux systems without having to deal with user permission issues

  • Optionally formatted with fat32 so there is no need to install special drivers on any operating systems

  • Optionally formatted with NTFS for optimal compatibility on larger drives between GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows systems
When you select the ext4 w/ acl option under file systems our drives work great for performing offline backups of your data: Check out this video tutorial on how to securely perform a backup up & restore of your entire home folder using Déjà Dup even between different distributions and releases (included with many popular distributions). Check out our extensive documentation & easy to follow video tutorials: Haven't formatted a disk before? Want to learn how? Check out a video demonstration on managing removable disks with GNOME disks. Learn to format, properly utilize, dismount, backup, and repair damaged disks using a graphical desktop application that ships with many major desktop distributions by default.

Please note this item is only available for shipping within the United States or with the purchased of a computer if shipping overseas.

Category Specification
Stating Capacity 64GB
Warranty 5-year limited warranty
Speed Reads up to 300 MB/s for 256/128GB models
Reads up to 200 MB/s for 64GB models
Writes up to 100 MB/s for 256GB model
Writes up to 50 MB/s for 128GB model
Writes up to 25 MB/s for 64GB models
Supported Systems Linux / Linux-libre 2.6+ (all recent distributions supported)
Compatible Systems (depending on filesystem) Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 2000 (sp4), Mac OS X v.10.3.x and above

Drives over 2TB must be formatted with a file system having reduced compatibility. NTFS has read/write support on MS Windows and GNU/Linux and read-only support on Mac OS X. Drives less than 2TB can be formated with FAT32 for max support (4GB file limit).

Don't forget an extension cable. If your ports are too close together there may not be enough room for connecting components. Pick up a short 1' / 12 inch USB extension cable with your order.

Running out of traditional USB type-A ports? Have spare USB type-C ports? Get an adapter to connect a type-A device to a type-C port.