K9Copy is able to fit the contents of a dual layer DVD-9 onto a single layer DVD-5. The interface allows a user to explicitly retain or discard any content from the original disc such as video titles, audio tracks, subtitles and the DVD menu. All content selected for backup is compressed to a configurable target size (4400 MB by default) and stored on the user's hard drive as either an ISO image file or a DVD VIDEO_TS folder. K9Copy can either transfer the backup data to blank DVD±R media itself or utilize external DVD authoring software such as K3b for this task.


* The video stream is compressed to make the video fiton a 4.7GB recordable DVD
* DVD Burning
* Creation of ISO images
* Choosing which audio and subtitle tracks are copied.
* Title preview (video only)
* The ability to preserve the original menus.

Warning: While this software does not cost anything it is not free. To learn the difference between free and non-free software read our section on software freedom.

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