KBruch is a small program to practice calculating with fractions. Therefore 4 different exercises are offered.

  1. Common Exercise Fraction Task - in this exercise you have to solve a given fraction task. You have to enter numerator and denominator. This is the main exercise. The difficulty of this task can be influenced by the user. The user can decide if he wants to solve tasks with addition/substraction and/or multiplication/division. Also he can set the number of fractions and the maximum size of the main denominator.
  2. Compare Exercise Comparison - in this exercise you have to compare the size of 2 given fractions.
  3. Conversion Exercise Conversion - in this exercise you have to convert a given number into a fraction.
  4. Factorization Exercise Factorization - in this exercise you have to factorize a given number into its prime factors. Factorization is important while finding the main denominator of 2 fractions.