Easy to Use:

* default values for all parameters
* default sizes (fonts, line widths...) relative to the window size

Highly Configurable:

* All of the parameters may be changed after configuring/drawing the chart.

Flexible Layout:

* Header and footer texts have special font type/size and color settings

Axes and Data:

* Automatical ordinate axis computation based on highest/lowest data value
* Abscissa labels may be taken either from data cells containing the respective strings
* Each axis may draw (sub-)grid lines using their own color, line width, style

Chart Types:

* Bar: normal | stacked | percent, 2D | 3D-Look
* Line: normal | stacked | percent, line markers
* Area: normal | stacked | percent
* HiLo: normal | open-close
* Box & Whiskers
* Pie: normal | exploded, 2D | 3D
* Ring
* Polar: normal | stacked | percent