MS Windows Contacts to GNU/Linux

If you are looking to transfer Microsoft Windows Contacts to a Penguin system and have not exported the contacts to a CVS file from within Microsoft Windows first these directions will let you extract some of this information.

The limitations are the resulting CVS file will contain only the first email address and persons name for each contact in the MS Windows Contacts folder (Outlook Express/XP). This script does take awhile to run especially for those with many contacts.

1. download and extract win2contacts.tar.gz archive
2. open a terminal and cd to the location of the extracted win2contacts folder
3. sudo apt-get install xml-twig-tools
4. place contacts in Contacts folder within the win2contacts folder you have extracted
5. chmod a+x
6. ./ Contacts
7. open email applications and import contacts.csv file created

If you need additional help contact support for assistance.