Penguin B5 Laptop Support Information

Linux Mint 20: There is no official support for Linux Mint 20, but it is possible to get a fully functional laptop with the addition of some PPAs alongside some hacks. These are temporary measures you can take if you'd like to use Linux Mint prior to the 21 release- or whichever future release ships with support out of the box. The easiest way to do this is to install Linux Mint 20 on a separate system that has support already, add two PPAs, and then install updated graphics and kernel. After which you can move the drive back to the Penguin B5 laptop and it'll boot up with everything working (more or less, a kernel parameter is required to add support for the keyboard backlighting as well).

Links to directions that can be followed in order to install an update graphics stack and kernel (and work for Linux Mint 20 as well) are as follows: