Penguin Mini NVME USB 3.1 Type-C & A SSD Drive (512GB-2TB, TPE-SSDXXXUSB)

Penguin Mini NVME USB 3.1 Type-C & A SSD Drive (512GB-2TB, TPE-SSDXXXUSB)
Looking for a high end super fast USB drive that works out of the box on GNU/Linux and across systems (no more permission issues)? Look no further than our Penguin Mini NVME USB 3.1 SSD Drive. Now with support for multiple file systems, out of the box support on GNU/Linux (cross-system), and maximum OS compatibility: select from EXT4, FAT32, or NTFS.

Containing a high quality NVMe PCIe M.2 2242 NVME SSD drive inside (the same as you would find in a modern computer) you won't be disappointed. Smaller than a traditional USB hard drive and a standard 2280 M.2 SSD drive and significantly faster than either a USB flash drive, traditional USB-style external hard drive, or traditional USB connected SATA-style SSD drives.

Users can expect to see speeds that are as much as 15x faster than a high quality USB flash drive (and 100 times faster than some cheaper drives) and 2.5x times faster than a traditional USB SATA based SSD drive. Still not sure which drive to get? See an up close comparison and real-world benchmarks of the different USB storage options in our catalog.

If you've never formatted a USB drive before and want to learn how check out this great little tutorial.
  • Sequential read speeds of up to 1700-2500 MB/s and sequential write speeds of up to 1550-2100 MB/s. (1700 MB/s, for 512GB, 2500 MB/s, for 1 & 2TB models, but note that there is some amount of overhead and USB 3.1 Gen 2 maxes out at 1,250 MB/s)

  • USB Standards Complaint: Works with USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports (2.0 @ reduced speeds)

  • No dependencies on proprietary drivers, NDISWrapper, or other OS-loaded binary blobs

  • Supports all Linux and Linux-Libre (free) distributions with USB mass storage support

  • Great documentation & easy to follow video demonstrations: Haven't formatted a disk before? Want to learn how? Check out our video demonstration on managing removable disks with GNOME disks (ships with many popular desktop distributions). Learn to format, properly utilize, dismount, backup, and repair damaged disks.

  • When you select our ext4 w/ acl configuration under the file system option below our drives work great for performing offline backups of your data: Check out this video tutorial on how to securely perform a backup up & restore of your entire home folder using Déjà Dup even between different distributions and releases (included with many popular distributions)

Note: This item is only available for shipping within the United States or when purchased with a computer.

Drives over 2TB must be formatted with a file system having reduced compatibility. NTFS has read/write support on MS Windows and GNU/Linux and read-only support on Mac OS X. Drives less than 2TB can be formated with FAT32 for max support (4GB file limit).

Not enough cable? Pick up a USB-C extension cable to extend the distance between your USB-C device and a computer.

Need a longer cable? Pick up a 3.28 FT 1 M USB extension cable with your purchase.