Replacement Keyboard For A Penguin Laptop

Replacement Keyboard For A Penguin Laptop

Have a penguin laptop that needs repaired? If you are looking for a keyboard to replace one you've damaged and previously purchased from us add this product to your shopping cart and we'll locate an appropriate keyboard from our stock.

Please note that while we try and maintain stock of replacement parts for our older laptop models, but there is a slight possibility that we don't have a given part for your laptop model. To help us track down the appropriate keyboard in our inventory please include as much information as possible in the model number text field below. If you have an order # from the original purchase of the laptop please include this information. Even if we do not have a keyboard from the same model laptop we may be able to locate the same keyboard from another model in our inventory as the same part #s / keyboards will often be utilized on multiple models and generations of laptop. Therefore if you have the keyboard model information please include this information as well. It may speed up our inventory search in the event we have "run out of stock" for that part on the specific model laptop.

Replacing a keyboard on a laptop isn't necessarily easy and requires a technical individual with appropriate expertise. If you have a local tech this is how you'd acquire the part they need to fix your laptop. If you don't have a local tech who can replace the keyboard we also offer technical support services and you can send in your laptop to us for repair/replacement. To you would like to send the laptop in and have us replace the keyboard select the appropriate installation service option below and we'll get in contact with you via email with return merchant authorization (RMA) information and where to send the laptop for repair.

It’s important to hire a competent professional whenever repairing or upgrading a computer. If a job is not done correctly there is often a risk of damaging the system. If you have a need for a competent professional consider sending us your system.

Please let us know the model # of your laptop. If you know what your original order # is you can either specify that here or the model # from the bottom of the laptop should also work.