RS-232 DB9 Serial to USB Adapter for GNU/Linux (TPE-SERLDB9)

RS-232 DB9 Serial to USB Adapter for GNU/Linux (TPE-SERLDB9)
Are you in the market for a RS232 DB9 serial adapter? Don't get just any adapter. Get an adapter that has proper support under GNU/Linux. Many adapters on the market utilize chipsets that don't have drivers for newer operating systems and/or utilize chipsets that don't have proper support under GNU/Linux.

  • Brand new and high quality

  • Utilizes a widely supported prolific PL-2303 chipset (and device ID)

  • USB to RS-232 (DB 9-pin male serial port) interface

  • Support for most popular and libre (free) distributions too!

  • Not dependent on binary blobs, or proprietary drivers-firmware

  • Supported on Linux since kernel 2.5.45: Uses driver/module usbserial_generic

This adapter will work with all recent distributions and releases.

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