Software Freedom Conservancy Fundraising Campaign

The Software Freedom Conservancy needs 750 Supporters to continue its basic community services & 2,500 to avoid hibernating its enforcement efforts! While we regularly call on people to donate to such organization it's particularly important this year that we get people to donate specifically to the Software Freedom Conservancy. You see for supporting the enforcement of the GPL against virtualisation giant VMware important corporate funding from a variety of large companies was pulled. Not only has important funding been pulled, but the Conservancy has been kicked from conferences, bullied, and blocked from attending others. This is a direct attack on the very free software we all depend on:

“We have lost committed general funding from companies explicitly because of our enforcement work. Continuing this work without individual support is no longer possible,” the SFC blogged.

The Conservancy threw its financial backing behind Linux kernel maintainer Christopher Hellwig’s suit against VMware in March.