Somalia Fest 2017 : June 16 - June 20

Join us for the first Somalia Fest this summer. Somalia Fest 2017 is a gathering of principled libertarians and voluntaryists who are working together to build a parallel society in New Hampshire following on the heals of parts of the Pirate Party platform within the context of principled libertarian and voluntaryists philosophies.

What is a principled libertarian or voluntaryist? It is a person who objects to the use of force, violence, theft, or threat thereof by individuals, governments, or entities against peaceful people or tangible property for any purpose outside their use in self defense.

The event is about civil rights, direct democracy and participation in government, reform of copyright and patent law, free sharing of knowledge (open content), information privacy, transparency, freedom of information, anti-corruption and Internet neutrality.

Somalia Fest is being held back to back with Porcfest (another more general liberty-oriented event) at Roger's Campground in Lancaster New Hampshire. See follow up blog post for more information on Porcfest.

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