Tails Flash Drive: Access The "Dark Web" Securely (TPE-TAILFLSH)

Tails Flash Drive: Access The "Dark Web" Securely (TPE-TAILFLSH)

Tails is a live system that aims to preserve user privacy and anonymity. It enables anonymous access to the Internet via a set of applications and by the passing of one's internet connection through a serious of decentralized, independently operated servers. By using onion-like encryption mechanisms, no individual server knows both where you are and what you're passing. By this mechanism, Tails can ensure your anonymity when accessing traditional websites and/or the "dark web".

It is a complete operating system designed to be used from a USB stick independently of the computer's original operating system. It is Free Software and based on Debian GNU/Linux.

Tails comes with several built-in applications pre-configured with security in mind: web browser, instant messaging client, email client, office suite, image and sound editor, etc.

Like other important projects that we support, ThinkPenguin, Inc has operated Tor servers for over a decade, and regularly makes financial contributions to both the Tor Project and Tails.

  • Reduces risk from malicious adversaries: Governments have used zero day exploits and malware to perform mass deanonymization attacks

  • Forensics resistant: Unless a user specifies it the distribution will not leave unintentional traces behind

  • Circumvent censorship: If you live in a freedom hostile country or are otherwise being oppressed Tails is an excellent tool to bypass censorship

Support is available for 6 months from the date of purchase.

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