Using Your USB 4G-LTE Modem On Mageia (TPE-USB4GLTE)

The below documentation has been tested on Mageia 6-7.1 under GNOME, but is likely more or less applicable to other releases as well:

1. Open the Mageia Control Center (click activities in the top left corner and search for Mageia Control Center and click the icon to open)

2. Go to Security > Setup Your Personal Firewall

3. Check the box that says Everything (no firewall) and click OK

4. Connect your modem

5. Open Settings (click activities in the top left corner and search for Settings and click the icon to open)

6. Go to Network > Network > Add New Connection

7. Click Next

8. Select your country from the list and click Next

9. Select your provider from the list or select I can't find my provider and I wish to set up the connection manually and click Next

10. Select your "plan" from the list (make sure the APN that is shown is correct) or just enter the APN in the Select plan APN (Access Point Name) box and hit Next

11. Click Apply

You should now see an IP address and if you've disable the firewall as directed you should be able to access the internet.

If you have any problems we recommend looking at our troubleshooting documentation and/or contacting our support team for assistance.