VPN Mini Wireless Router Firmware Upgrade Instructions (upgrading TPE-R1100 & TPE-R1200 to libreCMC 1.5)

Directions to flash libreCMC 1.5+ on TPE-R1300, TPE-R1200, and TPE-R1100 routers:

* These direction have been officially tested and work with upgrading from 1.5 up to the latest 1.5.15 release (TPE-R1300 & TPE-R1200, and TPE-R1100 should also work)

Having trouble upgrading? See the instructional upgrade video

1. Go to the network applet/network settings on your computer and for the wired/ethernet connection set the IPv4 Method to Manual and Add a configuration with a static IP of netmask of and a gateway of Apply the configuration.

Note: You may need to change the MTU as well to 900 if holding the reset button down for 7 seconds does not result in being able to access

2. Connect an ethernet cable from your mini wireless routers LAN port to the ethernet port on your computer.

3. Plug the USB power cable into a computer or the included USB power adapter and then while holding down the reset button connect the other end to the mini wireless router where it says power. Do not let go of the reset button until after you have seen 4 (TPE-R1100) or 7 (TPE-R1200 & TPE-R1300) red light blinks. This will put the router into a special mode upon which you can flash the nor (and nand images where applicable, TPE-R1200 only).

4. Open a web browser and go to

You will be able to upload nor firmware. This should be uploaded first. Then nand if applicable (you will see an Update nand firmware button if on the TPE-R1200 model, the TPE-R1200 supports the ThinkPenguin OEM nor 1.5+ image, but there is no nand image yet, so flash 1.4.9 for the nand image instead).

Once you have selected the nor firmware for your router click the Update nor firmware button. Make sure to select the right browse button. After a minute or so the image should be flashed. Repeat the step 3 & 4 to flash the nand image if you have the TPE-R1200 model.

For TPE-R1100 1.5.15 nor image download:


For TPE-R1200 you should download the librecmc-ath79-generic-thinkpenguin_tpe-r1200-nor-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin image from the libreCMC website, and librecmc-ath79-generic-thinkpenguin_tpe-r1300-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin for TPE-R1300, but keep in mind that this does not contain the OpenVPN software and as such if you need that you'll need to install openvpn-openssl package yourself (just like you have to with the TPE-R100 directions):





TPE-R1200 only: You should probably use the OEM 1.4.9 R1200 ISO and extract the nand image as well, as the OEM 1.4.9 ISO contains OpenVPN on the the nand images already and thus you won't need to manually install OpenVPN. See directions for 1.4.9 (only do it for nand though otherwise you will end up with 1.4.9 on both nand and nor). Please note that the reason you are flashing 1.4.9 to the nand on the TPE-R1200 instead of 1.5.10 is because there is no support for the nand chip on the 1.5.5 release. 1.5.x is a major new release and significant amount of work is still required to add support back for the nand chip.

5. Go back to your PC's network applet and edit the wired connection IPv4 tab and change the method to Automatic (ie DHCP). Apply the settings. Disconnect and reconnect the wired connection using your network applet. Your router's new IP will be

Set NOR to boot by default (TPE-R1200 ONLY):

On the TPE-R1200 there are TWO "drives" so to speak from which the router can boot from. If you want to boot from the other "drive" the directions to do that are as follows:

1. Open a terminal on your computer
2. Enter into the terminal "ssh root@" and hit enter (do so without the quotes)
3. Enter your routers login password (by default this is "none", again without the quotes)
4. There are two commands you need to know to switch between booting from the nand and nor firmwares. fw_printenv will show you the environment variables. "fw_setenv bootcount 0" (without the quotes) will switch to the nand firmware. To switch to nor repeat steps 1-3 and then do "fw_setenv bootcount 4" (without the quotes).

Directions on uploading VPN configuration to TPE-R1100, TPE-R1200, and TPE-R1300 routers after upgrading to 1.5 or newer firmware: