X-cd roast is a full CD writing program. It has tons of features and is easy to use.
Some features include:

* Copies most data/mixed-mode/audio-CDs (data also on-the-fly)
* Master data-CDs and rearrange audio-CDs (data also on-the-fly)
* Create your own audio-CDs (full Disk-at-Once support)
* Multisession/Bootable CD creation.
* Online help
* Supports different international languages
* Supports most SCSI/ATAPI/Parallel-CD-Writers available

Note: Before first use you will need to got to the top panel. Then go to accessories and click terminal. Next type (Sudo xcdroast) without parenthesis Enter your account password for root password. A window will open saying scanning devices when this is finished click close at the bottom and on the next window hit continue. When the nest windows opens hit setup go to the hd settings tab and create a directory to store cd images before burning. Finally click save configuration and close.