Download Manager


KGet is an advanced download manager with support for Metalink and Bittorrent. Downloads are added to the list, where they can be paused, queued, or scheduled for later.


Gwget is a popular download manager that features:

* Resume: By default, Gwget tries to continue any download.
* Notification: Updates you in the notification area without opening the program
* Recursivity: Gwget understands html and other formats for faster initiation of downloads
* Drag & Drop: You can drag and drop downloads on the notification area


Downloader For X (or simply D4X) is a download manager/accelerator. It can pause and restart downloads at any time, and utilises both the HTTP and FTP protocols. It can limit download speeds to free bandwidth for other uses.


Aria is a download manager which supports pausing, resuming, queueing and saving. It has a very user friendly interface, and useful logging information. Program supports error checking, HTTP proxy servers, cut-and-pasting, drag-and-droping, and can define specific file retrieving procedure for particular web servers.