Wine is a translation layer that makes it possible to run many MS Windows applications on GNU/Linux and Ubuntu. Unlike using an emulator with Microsoft Windows Wine won't slow down on you. It has the ability to run applications at native speeds.

For information about Wine see:


This application makes it possible to use non-compatible wifi devices with GNU/Linux and Ubuntu.

It is not recommended as the experience is less than ideal and a new wifi adapter is relatively inexpensive in most circumstances. For optimal wifi consider purchasing a GNU/Linux and Ubuntu friendly wifi adapter from our networking section.


tvtime is a high quality television application for use with video capture cards. tvtime processes the input from a capture card and displays it on a computer monitor or projector.

What makes it one of the best viewers available:

* Smooth motion
* Quality picture
* Widescreen support
* Slick On-Screen-Display
* Film mode
* Closed captions

And more... see site for details.


PhotoPrint is a utility designed to assist in the process of printing digital photographs.

PhotoPrint can do the following:

* Crop images to fit a specific frame.
* Create posters, split over several pages.
* Apply a decorative border to an image.
* Make use of ICC colour profiles to provide accurate output.


KPilot is a replacement for the Palm™ Desktop software from Palm Inc, which makes your Palm™/ Palm™ Pilot / Visor™ computer capable of exchanging information with your computer.


KMobileTools is a little utility for accessing your mobile phones with your PC. It handles full SMS control, dialing calls, phonebook, and phone status monitoring. It current supports Motorola, Nokia, Siemens, Sony Ericsson and LG mobile phones.


KBarcode is a barcode and label printing application. It can be used to print everything from simple business cards up to complex labels with several barcodes (e.g. article descriptions).


J-Pilot is a desktop organizer application for PalmOS devices.

You have access to the following applications:
o Datebook
o Address book
o ToDo list
o Memos

Plus plenty of plug-ins are available!


gtkpod is a program to interface with Apple's iPod line of audio players. It supports the first to fifth Generation including the iPod mini, iPod Photo, iPod Shuffle, iPod nano, and iPod Video.


Download free audio and video content ("podcasts") from the Internet and watch it on your computer or on the go.


* iPod, MP3 player and mobile phone support
* RSS, Atom and YouTube feeds
* Easy to use