XvidCap is a screen capture utility, It allows you to make a video of your desktop for instructional or demonstration purposes. It allows you to capture individual images or entire videos of what your doing on your computer. Videos can be saved in either MPEG or AVI for easy playback.


A user friendly tool to make file backups easier. The program allows you to back up your files to an archive, to a CD/DVD or to a remote location using SSH.


This package includes gtk enabled version of ettercap. It also includes ncurses support.
Ettercap supports active and passive dissection of many protocols (even ciphered ones) and includes many feature for network and host analysis.

Data injection in an established connection and filtering (substitute or drop a packet) on the fly is also possible, keeping the connection synchronized.


ePDFView is a simple free and lightweight PDF document viewer.


Efax is a program that can be used to send and receive faxes with a fax modem, and to view, print and manage faxes received. It also has a socket interface to provide a "virtual printer" for sending faxes from word processors and similar programs, and can automatically e-mail a received fax to a designated user, and automatically print a received fax.


Easy Crypt provides an easy-to-use GUI that allows the user to create and mount multiple crypts, using TrueCrypt.

Crypts created with Easy Crypt can be used on any other operating system supporting TrueCrypt, and vice-versa.


Downloader For X (or simply D4X) is a download manager/accelerator. It can pause and restart downloads at any time, and utilises both the HTTP and FTP protocols. It can limit download speeds to free bandwidth for other uses.


DOSBox is an emulator which simulates an IBM PC compatible computer running MS-DOS. It is intended especially for use with old computer games.


Dolphin is a file manager for KDE. It is the default file manager for the current version, KDE 4, and can be optionally installed on KDE 3. Although replaced as the default file manager for KDE 4, Konqueror is still the default web browser, and can be used as an alternative file manager for power users.


DeVeDe is a program to create video DVDs and CDs (VCD, sVCD or CVD), suitable for home players, from almost any video format. This program allows you to take the videos you've taken or edited with programs like the Open Shot Video Editor and make them into DVD movies complete with menus.

Warning: While this software does not cost anything it is not free. Non-free programs come with certain risks that you should be aware of. See our software freedom page for more information.